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Ted Leutz


Lynette Robbins

are known for Building Strategies and empowering people on how to accumulate tax free wealth.  Their 21 Day 5 series Knowles System teaches choices on “How Money Works and getting your money to work for you”

The Knowles Systems teach “How Not To Sell” to the Financial Community.

Ted Leutz began working  with Lynette Robbins in 2002 after they married.  Ted Leutz’s career experience came out of the Financial Industry.  As professionals, they combined their strength, talent and professional expertise into a  system that educates American’s on How Money Works.

Ted Leutz and Lynette Robbins built a financial education company with Systems for Learning “How Money Works” and “How to work with Money”.

Consumers are done with the commodity pitches in the market place. We have a need to know and education empowers, enlightens and strengthens any decision. Additionally, knowing oneself when it comes to money habits is essential to insights on what is important and what is lacking that stops prosperity. Our unique methods to enlightenment and prosperity are easy, fun and an eye opener for each individual we assist.

How Not To Sell

Ted Leutz a strategist, and his partner Lynette Robbins creator and founder of the The Knowles System, educates agents in the financial Industry “How Not To Sell”. Lynette’s book, is titled “The Knowledge of U”.

We empower you to make wiser choices by educating you  new choices available today and most importantly, creating a future with you that captures what you want and how to get it.  Never before in the history of money has there been such a captivating and empowering experience for the consumer as the Knowles Systems provides.

Our company educates, investigates and creates make sense strategies on keeping those dollars safe, liquid and in the consumers control.

About Lynette Robbins

  • Executives Consultant for 28 years working with Fortune 500 and 100 companies.
  • Award winning systems designed to increase profitability and communications amongst the ranks within organizations.
  • Increase profits by eliminating time wasters and moving the teams forward toward a common goal.
  • Lynette’s private practice won awards in the Leadership Training Industry.
  • Additionally, while building her expertise, Lynette’s accomplishments won national recognition through various business ventures.
  • Owner of http://www.TheKnowledgeofU.com experience.

To Learn More About Ted Leutz and Lynette Robbins, Click Here!


2 Responses to “Welcome to Ted Leutz’s Blog”

  1. Nice Blog Teddy

  2. Glad to see that somebody steped up to “Separate the Wheat from the Chaff” Good luck with your Blog.

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